ChainIt - eSigning using Blockchain

The Web3 Approval Network

** Rebranded product from Re-Sign to ChainIt – video shows old product name

The Economist recently published a video on NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens). Towards the end of the video they describe how blockchain technology will change the Economy. ChainIt is providing this future technology today. Click here to watch that video

Use Cases

  • Finance

    A bank asks you for ID confirmation

  • Medical

    Share sensitive medical documents with a surgery

  • Insurance

    A car insurance requires original images of vehicle damage

  • Legal

    A lawyer requires signatory approval for a home purchase

  • Education

    You need to show provenance for a degree certificate

Try It For Free

Onboarding is easy, visit or send a blank email to the ChainIt testnet (

Send A Document For Approval

  • Send a blank email to

Please note if you are using outlook live or other web based email services please check your Junk/Spam folder for expected emails.

Request A Document For Approval

  • Send an email to where the subject is set to the email address of the customer from which you require the document

Why ChainIt?

  • Safe & Secure

    All your documents and activity are encrypted with a private key. End-to-end encryption mitigates data compromise

  • Cost Effective

    Free on our testnet. On our mainnet, documents and transactions use gas which is very cheap and follows a pay as use model

  • Decentralized

    There is no need to worry about a central authority or server. We have a Byzantine Fault Tolerant network that is extremely resilient to hacking

  • Forever

    Life long storage for documents on our mainnet. Our testnet may be reset at some point

  • Legal

    Legally binding blockchain proofs that certifies document approval

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Minting and gas

    Gas is required to issue any transaction on the ChainIt Approval Network. When you upload a document you are effectively minting the document on the ChainIt Approval Network. This will require gas. All new users receive some free gas. Eventually you will be able to purchase gas using our coin – coming soon!

  • Why do you need my email address?

    In order to establish 2 factor authentication and to enable communication with customers, the ChainIt Approval Network links your blockchain identity to your email address

  • What does Web1, Web2 and Web3 mean?

    The Internet began in its infancy during the early 1990s and Web1 refers to those early days where websites were static pages with little or no interaction.
    Web2 refers to the uptake of HTML5 where websites to date are interactive, dynamic and can behave as applications. However these interactions take place between you and centralized servers for example Facebook and Instagram servers. As such, you place your trust with these centralized services.
    Web3 is where you can optionally participate as part of a network, placing your trust with the network rather than with a centralized authority.

    For example you could be part of the Bitcoin network by hosting your own node.

    ChainIt is Web3

  • Integration

    The ChainIt API allows you to integrate ChainIt in your existing IT systems. Please contact us

  • Customised workflow?

    We can extend our chainit smart contracts to service your custom worklows. Please contact us

  • What is the testnet?

    You are welcome to use our testnet for free.
    However please be aware that the testnet may be reset at anytime. In which case you may lose your account and documents

  • What about the mainnet?

    We are preparing our mainnet shortly. Documents on our mainnet will remain forever i.e. for the life time of the blockchain

  • How do I become a validator?

    If you wish to host a validator node and become part of our growing mainnet, please contact us

  • What's the underlying technology

    ChainIt is built using the ReForm blockchain. The core technologies behind ReForm are Tendermint and IPFS

  • Workflow

    The workflow in a nutshell

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